Apr 14, 2018

'Group of 16' eyes broad alliance Featured

The 'Group of 16' in the Sri Lanka Freedom Party state that they expect to secure a fresh mandate after entering a broad alliance together with the progressive forces and opposition political parties.

MP S.B.Dissanayake said thus while speaking to media after a function in Kandy.

He added that he would take a seat in the opposition benches during the next parliament session.

Govt. purged
Meanwhile, UNP MP Nalin Bandara said that the government is now able to stand up stronger and move forward with more zest as it was purged of 'cancerous cells'.

He added that even the rains falling in Sri Lanka signifies nature's happiness over the departure of these 16 individuals who were continuously crossing over from one side to another.

Just as the rains washed away the dust and grime on the ground, the government too, was cleansed after the departure of these 16 who had become a menace, he further said.