Apr 06, 2018

‘PM is caught by Alawaka the Demon’ Featured

Prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe is in a very tight spot, worse than the situation of King Alaw after getting caught by Alawaka the Demon, after he obtained conditional support from the TNA to win against the no-confidence motion, says Ven. Hegoda Vipassi Thera of Dhamma Research Institute of Ratmalana.

The TNA made maximum use of the opportunity and it was not the PM, but the TNA that won in the no-confidence motion, he has told ‘Lakbima’.

Buddhist literature has it that after Alawaka caught King Alaw, the latter got his life spared by promising to send him one human prey a day.

Vipassi Thera notes that an entire country should not be destroyed to protect the power of one person.

The TNA’s conditions are very dangerous ones, and it will be political suicide for the PM if he goes to fulfill them, he says.

The north does not have an ethnic conflict, but a conflict between the have and have-nots, which should be resolved, the prelates adds.

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