Apr 03, 2018

UNP says it will not give into SLFP pressure Featured

The UNP says it will not agree at all with the decision said to have been taken by the SLFP parliamentary group at a meeting last night (02) that Ranil Wickremesinghe should resign as the prime minister.

The party will not give into any pressure, but will defeat the no-confidence motion moved by the joint opposition against the PM and protect him and the government, a senior UNP minister told Sri Lanka Mirror.

The government will continue until 2020 after allowing those who cannot remain to leave, he said.

Stressing that the SLFP’s decision will be appropriately responded to when presented today, the minister said a considerable number of MPs of that party would be supporting the PM.

Meanwhile, minister Mangala Samaraweera said at an interview on ITN last night that dark shadows that made the country bankrupt and ruined, exploited its resources and divided the communities should not be allowed to raise their heads again.