Apr 02, 2018

Protest against resettling Sinhalese in the North

A group of volunteer organisations staged a protest opposite the Northern Chief Minister’s office on March 30, opposing the establishment of Sinhalese settlements in the Mulaithivu district.

The protestors having staged the protest opposite the Chief Minister’s office, later handed him a letter.

The letter demands that the new Sinhalese settlement in the Mulaithivu district named Maya Pura and the resettlement of Sinhalese from the South in the Nayaru, Kokilai, Bogaswewa area be stopped immediately.

The protestors said that these Sinhala settlers had no ancestral roots in the North and none of their relatives are from the North, stating that this resettlement move is totally to establish Sinhala political power in the North.

A proposal against the resettlement of Sinhalese in the North has been passed in the Northern Provincial Council, hence the letter demanded that establishment of Sinhala settlements in the North be halted immediately.

The protestors also appealed to the Chief Minister to intervene and obtain a response from the government with regard to those who disappeared during the war and the political prisoners.