Apr 01, 2018

Wife, or underworld, behind Poli Roshan’s murder? Featured

Police investigating the murder of a businessman at the Chandriaka Kumaratunga Mawatha jogging track at Malabe a week ago are looking at a possible link of his wife to the killing.

She had filed for divorce and alimony.

The mother of Appu Tantrige Roshan Premalal alias Poli Roshan complained to Mulleriyawa police on March 27 that his son was the target of an attempted murder in 2017 by his own wife.

The woman was arrested for trying to knife Roshan and remanded, but he had got her released on bail.

Roshan’s mother says in the complaint that the woman was trying to get her child the full inheritance to the wealth of his son.

The deceased had run various businesses, done contracts, imported heavy vehicles and lent money.

Police investigations reveal that he had given money to the underworld figure Angoda Lokka, presently in hiding overseas, in order to protect his businesses.

But, for some time he had not paid any money to Angoda Lokka and even refused to answer his telephone calls.

This had previously raised suspicion that Roshan was killed by a follower of the underworld figure.

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