Mar 29, 2018

Patali wants a common candidate again

The UNP and the SLFP should make changes to their individual party structures and field a common candidate at the next presidential election too, says minister Patali Champika Ranawaka.

He aired the view in Colombo yesterday (28) at the swearing-in of the JHU members elected to local government bodies in Colombo at the recent LG polls.

Ranawaka stressed that gangs of past pupils, cronies or families could not take the country forward.

Elderly politicians should make it a habit to exit from politics without waiting to be kicked out, and pave the way for the youths, said the minister.

The UNP too, could face such a situation, he said.

Saying that he would come forward to make a forced change if there was no room for a change, Ranawaka added that he was not prepared to go in a political funeral.