Mar 26, 2018

Gnanasara visits Amith in prison

The General Secretary of the BBS, Galagodaththe Gnanasara Thera and severalother monks had visited Amith Weerasinghe and other members of the Mahason Balakaya at the Anuradhapura prison recently.

Amith Weerasinghe and the other members of the group were arrested and remanded in connection with the clashes that took place in Kandy recently.

After visiting them in prison, Gnanasara Thera speaking to the media said, “Amith Weerasinge or the other youths are not the ones who should be arrested over the incidents in Kandy and Theldeniya, the country’s leaders over the past 70 years have failed to establish racial harmony. These leaders have not only failed to settle the clashes or tension between the races, but they have also failed to establish any hope in the minds of the people. Under these unsettled circumstances, some of these youth groups feel that they should do something on behalf of their race, which eventually spirals out of control, resulting in them being arrested eventually, resulting in a lot of heartache for their parents and family members.”

“In the Theldeniya and Kandy incidents it was evident how there was no control and how the police acted. In other words the Prime Minister should be directly held responsible for the violence that took place in Theldeniya and Kandy. At the time of these incidents it was the Prime Minister who was the minister of law and order. It was groups who came from outside of the area that caused damage to property along a 17 km stretch from Theldeniya to Digana, Balagolla. However, instead of arresting the actual culprits, they have taken into custody this group of youths who had intervened to stop the violence. The government is engaged in a very shameful act in order to cover their nudity. We will appeal to the President to stop this process,” Gnanasara said.



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