Mar 24, 2018

Certain group trying to plunder ‘The Buddhist’ channel! Featured

A certain group is attempting to plunder the assets donated by devotees to the Buddhist channel which was established by Ven. Dharanagala Kusaladhamma Thera, according to internal sources.

When Kusaladhamma Thera fell ill and was taken to America, he had handed over the channel through a power of attorney to the committee with the intention of facilitating of its smooth operations.

The committee comprised of Harshana Alles, former IG M.K. Illangakoon, former Navy Commander Wasantha Karannagoda and former Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva.

However, the Chief Monk’s disciples Vajira Thera and layman Senaratne were functioning as the channel’s directors.

Meanwhile, Kusaladhamma Thera had returned to the country and while he was receiving treatment at a private hospital in Colombo, a certain group had used the power of attorney and even without the authorization of the Buddhist Affairs Commissioner, transferred all the monies in bank accounts under the monk’s name and lands and assets donated to the monk by devotees, under the name of the channel.

Due to this underhand move, the former IG who was a member of the appointed committee had resigned from it, stating that such assets belonging to the clergy cannot be acquired in this manner.

Currently the committee has joined with the other layman functioning as a director of the channel and had formed a separate group, isolating Kusaladhamma Thera’s disciple Vajira Thera, who is lamenting his inability to protect the assets of the monk, it is reported.