Dec 03, 2016

'Don't take our patience as a weakness'

“WE have reached the climax of our patience. We kindly request those within the government who are supporting and encouraging extremist elements like Wigneswaran, to not take our patience as a weakness,” the Jathika Hela Urumaya which is a coalition partner of the Unity government said.

This was stated by the JHU Youth Sub Committee Secretary, former Homagama PS member Tharindu Dileepa Gamage, addressing a press conference at the party headquarters recently.

He warned those within the government not to use slogans such as reconciliation and good governance to promote and give a free hand to terrorists and hurt the Sinhala people.
For a society that is preparing to take the next leap for the benefit of the next generation, this is a hindrance, he said.
Read Thamilini’s book:

Although the war ended in 2009, it is evident that some extremist elements have no desire to forget the past and move forward. It is clear that these elements are still stagnant in their separatist ideologies.
These elements are still trying to drag the country into the abyss of dark terror. Hence the Sinhala masses in this country are at a very critical juncture at present, he said.
“If anyone is trying to commemorate the memory of a brutal terrorist such as Prabhakaran, we certainly will certainly look upon them with contempt,” he said.

“Therefore we urge Wigneswaran to read the book written by Thamilini and understand the devastation that the war caused and realise and appreciate the Humility and kindness the Sinhala people have shown other communities,” he added.


When certain parties are trying to commemorate a brutal terrorist, if the government remains silent in such instances, as the youth of this country we will be forced to take action, he warned.
“If Wigneswaran who lives in Colombo 04 can go to the North and commemorate Prabhakaran, we as a majority community will be compelled to act even at the cost of our lives,” he said.
Gamage warned that if the government does not control these terrorist sympathisers, they will gather thousands of youth opposite Wignewaran’s residence in Colombo and take drastic measures.
He said it would be 25 years since the bomb attack on the Dalada Maligawa on January 25 next year and warned that they would hold commemoration ceremonies at every junction and every location that the terrorists exploded bombs that killed scores of innocent civilians.