Dec 03, 2016

Odiyamalai mass murder commemoration

The mass murder of 30 unarmed Tamil civilians in Odiyamalai over 30 years ago by the security forms, was commemorated at Odiyamalai, Mulaitivu.

The 32 civilians were summoned to the Mulaitivu, Odiyamalai Rural Development auditorium and shot by the security forces on December 2, 1984.

The government security forces are facing allegations of mass murder over this incident.
TNA Member of Parliament Shanthi Sri Skandarajah, Deputy Chairman of the NPC S. Maheswaran, NPC member Thureirasa Raviharan and members of the public participated.

String of killings

The Odiyamalai Holocaust is one of the mass murders that occurred during the first two weeks of December in 1984 targeting Tamil border villages in Mulaithivu and Trincomalee.

The other villages that were targeted were Kokilai, Thennamaravadi, Amarawayal, Kokkutuduwai, Alampil, Nayaru, Kumulamunai and Manalaru.
The Tamil United Liberation Front parliamentarians at the time pointed out that the motive for these killings were to establish Sinhala colonies.

However although its been over 30 years since the holocaust, to date justice has not been served for the families who lost their loved ones. Neither has the Tamil civilians who fled been resettled or compensated.

Janaka Perera :

At the time of these murders, the Security Forces Commander in the region was Brigadier Janaka Perera who was later promoted to the rank of Major General.
One of the Sinhala settlements established after the holocaust was named Janakapura.
Janaka Perera later contested the 2008 election for the post of Chief Minister of the North Central Province under the UNP. However, he was assassinated in Anuradhapura at a UNP rally by a suicide bomber.