Mar 13, 2018

‘What do the govt. & the law serve if Facebook runs the country?’ (video) Featured

What do the government and the law serve if Facebook runs the country? asks lawyer Prabodha Ratnayake, executive committee member of the Professional Web Journalists' Association (PWJA) and ‘Samabima’ editor.

He posed the question at a PWJA media briefing titled ‘Social media censorship : 72 hours & counting’ at the Centre for Society and Religion today (13).

The government says it has imposed a Facebook ban to find out the racists in hiding, but, in the meantime it keeps protecting the racists in the open, he said.

The racists in the open should first be punished if racism is to be ended, said Ratnayake.

He also said,

Destroyed everything in one blow

The present regime had destroyed everything in one blow although it was elected with the hope of establishing freedom in the internet, said PWJA president Freddy Gamage.

He said a new struggle titled FACE to Facebook would be launched today for an ethical social media use.

He said further,

Facebook ban, an attempt to cover up govt’s inabilities

Secretary of the PWJA Kelum Shivantha said on the occasion that the government attempted to cover up its inabilities by imposing a Facebook ban.

The government’s Facebook campaign team has been a total failure, he said.

It is pointless to flee from the Facebook and at least now, it should be faced, he said.

Shivantha questioned the subject knowledge of digital infrastructure minister Harin Fernando and said his advisors have given him questionable advice.

He went onto say,

The PWJA executive committee members had the following to say:

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