Mar 13, 2018

'Social media should be subjected to accountability process’ – Ravi

Social media should be subjected to a process of social accountability, said former Finance Minister Ravi karunanayake.

He noted that it isn’t wrong to subject social media to some sort of control or monitoring process in the event it is found to spread racism, religious discord, extremism etc destroying the country’s reconciliation and coexistence or if social media is being used to create animosity against the president, prime minister, himself or the cabinet ministers.

Ravi Karunanayake said this during a press briefing held at the Totalanga UNP office yesterday.

Karunanayake noted that the North Colombo electorate is an ideal example of peaceful co-existence and if social media acts in a responsible manner, there is no need for fear or panic. He said the police should take responsibility for the recent incidents in Kandy.

He said social media is totally responsible for the aggravation of the tensions and violence between races in Kandy, and it was evident how the situation was controlled with the blocking and controlling of social media.

The former minister also said that information has surfaced about the involvement of certain government members who had consented to such violence, adding that certain politicians attempted to ignite racial clashes in the Colombo city as well, but that the UNP had intervened and prevented such a situation.
Responding to a question raised by a journalist, Karunanayake said information has been received that certain government big-wigs had been behind the Theldeniya clashes, adding that there are also black sheep among the white.