Mar 13, 2018

Yet another call to lift social media ban Featured

Development communication expert Nalaka Gunawardena says there should be an increase in the demand for information for the active implementation of the right to information act.

It is somewhat amusing to speak about the right to information at a time when there is a ban imposed on social media, he says.

He was speaking at a workshop organized by the media ministry to seek views of the stakeholders to raise public awareness on the right to information.

Gunawardena said they expected the ban to be lifted soon.

He urged the media ministry to raise a voice against the ban, instigated by the law enforcement and higher authorities.

The country’s people should actively contribute towards ensuring their right to information, he said.

Director of the national media centre Jagath Liyanarachchi said that in the absence of precedence, the country was still at a stage of experimentation with regard to the right to information.

Wijayananda Jayaweera said it would be more productive if the decisions of the right to information commission were publicized in the Sinhala language.