Mar 10, 2018

"Blocking social media is like breaking shot glasses to stop drinking"

The decision to block social media for 72-hours based on the recommendations of the security forces is like breaking shot glasses in the house to prevent a person from consuming alcohol while at home, said the Professional Web Journalists' Association (PWJA) in a statement.

They noted that although they are vehemently opposed to the blocking of Facebook, Whatsapp and Viber, they would tolerate it if the move helps to douse racial tensions.

The statement says that the government mechanism has weakened to such an extent that such a censorship was required to control the situation after riots in the country.

The PWJA states they are completely against the spreading of racially implicated matter and they have practically proven this stance.

Noting that all those who Like, share or comment to support posts inciting racism on social media could unintentionally endorse racism, the PWJA notes that all should be aware of this fact.

Adding that their members played a prominent role to bring about a government change in the past, the PWJA adds that likewise they pledge to join the fight against racism.

The entire statement is below :