Mar 09, 2018

Tourism industry suffers irreparable loss Featured

The local tourism industry suffered an irreparable loss due to the recent disturbances that occurred at the height of the tourist season, say those involved in the industry.

The country’s beauty and the sense of security after 30 years of war led to around two million foreigners touring the island on an annual basis.

Tourism earnings will normally peak at this time of the year, to be followed by an ebb in the next few months, according to a tourism professional.

He said he was presently touring the country along with a group of around 20 English nationals, and had been at a leading hotel in Kandy on the day of the incident.

Due to the curfew, no one was allowed to go out and they could not see the most beautiful of the towns in the country, he said.

Unexpected incidents could happen, but that the government should have acted more responsibly in this matter, he said.

This group is due to leave on the 12th, and another booked from the 15th has cancelled their trip, he added.

When contacted, a top official of the Tourism Promotion Bureau said steps would be taken to ensure that the country’s name did not suffer due to the incidents.