Ramadan event at a Buddhist temple Ramadan event at a Buddhist temple
Mar 09, 2018

Sinhalese, Muslims protect each other; Kandy is calm now Featured

There have been reports of Sinhala and Muslim clergy and laity having protected private properties, mosques and Buddhist places of worship elsewhere in the country while vandals targeted mainly Muslim interests in Kandy.

In Gelioya, a Buddhist temple in a mobile vehicle campaign propagated the protection of the town while furthering brotherhood among Sinhala, Muslim and Tamil communities.

For several hours it raised public awareness against attempts at poisoning the people’s mind, highlighting the importance of protecting the lives and the properties without provocation.

In Akurana, a mosque carried regular notices through loudspeakers seeking public support to safeguard unity among Sinhalese and Muslims.

In Muruthalawa, a Buddhist monk and youths stayed the night at a mosque, protecting it, said a Muslim religious leader.

Commandos 670px 18 03 09

Police commandos guarding Kandy district

Sinhalese accommodated the Muslims whose houses have been damaged in attacks.

Relatives of the Sinhala and Muslim youths who died in the incident say their losses should not be a reason for any further clashes.

The government has decided to lift the curfew in Kandy as no untoward incident had been reported in the past 18 hours.

Kandy 670px 18 03 18

No incidents in the past 18 hours

Police and other authorities brought the situation under control after three days of violence and sabotage in the district.

More than 150 persons have been arrested, while more arrests are expected.

The Tourism Promotion Authority said the safety of tourists to Kandy would be guaranteed.