Mar 07, 2018

Ampara youth who protected children irrespective of race

A group of Tamil youth from Kalmunai, Ampara had intervened and safely transported in a container, a group of around 120 school children and teachers who were stranded during the violence yesterday. They were unable to get to their homes after school, when the youths had taken them in the cement container and dropped them at their homes safely.

Due to the Kandy incidents, an agitated mob had been attacking busses in the Ampara, Kalmunai and Samanthurai areas, while the group of students and teachers from the Kalmunai R.K.M. Tamil School and Kalmunai Wesley college and several other schools had been stranded unable to return to their homes. Then the group of around 50 had come on their motorcycles and seeing the plight of the students and teachers, had got a cement container and transported them to safety in it.

The group of violent protestors had gathered around the mosques in Ampara, Maradamunai, Samanturai, Akkaraipattu, Attalachenai and Kalmunaikudy and several other areas around 5.00 am yesterday (06) and had burnt tires on the road and attacked busses with stones, causing damage to 8 busses.

The mobs had caught a Tamil reporter who had gone to cover the incident and was trying to assault him, when the police and STF had intervened and saved him, getting him to safety.

Due to the attack on busses, there were no busses on the streets and the students and teachers were stranded. The group of Tamil youth had safely transported them by container to Maradamunai, Kallar, Sheelawanai and Kalawakudi areas and dropped them safely to their homes.

The STF had later brought the situation under control and arrested 23 persons who were acting violently and handed them over to the police. The mobs had destroyed two shops and a house in the Kalmunai, Nattachmunai area, according to the security forces.