Mar 02, 2018

Basil opposed over call by him to focus on LG power! Featured

Basil Rajapaksa is facing opposition from leaders of the SLPP to a call by him to give priority to establishing strong administrations in the LG bodies it has won, rather than holding rallies to demand a general election.

They are the same persons who have been having anti-Basil sentiments in the joint opposition, especially because the election win confirmed his planning and organizing skills.

They had been against contesting the LG polls on the SLPP ticket, and wanted to contest alongside the SLFP and even called for a union of the two parties to form a new government.

The first in a series of rallies to demand a general election will take place on March 07 in Nugegoda.

When asked if they were jealous of Basil due to his achievements, a JO MP who opposes him said they were not, and said they had a question of having to suffer the repercussions as a group of the decisions he took on his own.

Basil has reportedly had an influence on MP Roshan Ranasinghe’s leaving the JO and Wimal Weerawansa and his men withdrawing from the steering committee of the constitutional assembly.