Mar 01, 2018

Susantha Punchinilame crosses over to the opposition

Deputy Minister Susantha Punchinilame has informed the President that he would be crossing over to the opposition.

He stated that the people can no longer be hoodwinked and that he was taking this decision for that reason.

However, the President had asked him to wait another month, but he had said that there was no change in his decision and even if the good governance government remains or not his decision to leave the government stands, Lankadeepa newspaper reported.

“The 43 SLFP members met with the President recently and some of them were trying to passify me. Even after my father’s demise, I remained in the party,” Punchinilame had said.

The Deputy Minister had said that it was not possible to work with Ranil and he had known him for a long time. But that the President does not know Ranil that well.