Feb 28, 2018

Akila challenges President?

Education Minister Akila Viraj kariyawasam said he will carry out his responsibility to the people within the education sphere.

The minister made this statement addressing the officers who had passed the Sri Lanka education administration service grade three examinations today.

The Minister further noted that if he remains as the Education Minister he would provide the promised Tabs for students, taking them into the new age of technology.

අකිලගේ අභියෝගය ජනපතිට ? (වීඩියෝ) from SRI LANKA MIRROR on Vimeo.

At the ceremony that was held at the Education Ministry Auditorium, 104 officers who had got through the education administration service grade 3 exams were handed their letters of appointment.

Based on the 2017 budget proposal the education ministry had made plans to provide Tabs to 159,078 students and 36,070 teachers, but as the President had said that at this moment it was not possible to spend such a large sum of money, the Cabinet had decided to put the proposal on hold.

However, the President had decided to stop the Tab project, while the contract for the provision of these tabs at the cost of Rs. 27,000 each was already determined by a previous Cabinet decision.

The majority of UNP ministers were in favour of the President’s decision.