Feb 28, 2018

Aloysius contracts sores in prison

Arjun Aloysius who is currently in prison over the Central Bank bond scam, has contracted sores while in the Magazine Prison hospital, said the Chief Prison Medical Officer Jagath Malwatte.

He said Aloysius is currently being treated for the skin disease at the prison hospital and if required measures would be taken to take him to a skin specialist at the Colombo National hospital for further treatment.

The Prison doctor said on February 23 Aloysius was admitted to the prison hospital for the treatment for the wheeze and is currently receiving treatment for it, while he would also be referred to a specialist doctor who would be visiting the prison hospital today (28).

Meanwhile, Kasun Palisena too had been admitted to the Prison hospital together with Aloysius over a back pain issue, but was transferred back to the prison cell after treatment.