Feb 28, 2018

SLPP members for Kelaniya PS to function independently? Featured

Some of the members appointed to the Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha on the SLPP ticket are having secret talks to function independently, according to reports reaching Sri Lanka Mirror.

That is in protest against attempts by Kelaniya organizer of their party, MP Prasanna Ranaweera, to appoint as the PS chairperson a person who had previously held the position.

According to reports, this group of members comprises eight persons, including four seniors.

However, when contacted, four of the senior members appointed from the SLPP refuted the reports.

No truth to the rumours

One of them, H.D. Somawarden, who is a chairman hopeful, said there was no truth to claims that he was going to function independently.

He said he would accept the party decision on the position, which has especially appointed a committee to make a decision.

Another senior, Chatura Dhanushka said he had all the qualifications to become the chairman, including 10 years of experience and being the candidates with the highest votes aggregate.

Oshan Nandasiri said the committee should consult the grassroots membership and took its decision.

Another senior Lanka Vijitha Kumara said he would most likely be appointed the deputy chairman, with Shanthi Kumuduni as the chairperson.

He refuted rumours of any plans to function independently.

Ranaweera supports Kumuduni

Meanwhile, MP Ranaweera said the position should be filled in consideration of seniority, commitment and other requirements.

Kumuduni has all those qualifications, he said.