Feb 21, 2018

Bus fire due to a grenade? (Update)

According to recent reports, police suspect that a bus fire in Diyathalawa had taken place due to a detonated grenade.

Police say that the blast had taken place near the third row of the bus.

Forensic work is already underway.

Noting that two military personell had sustained grave injuries to their legs, police say that they would probe to ascertain whether the grenade was in a bag of a serviceman.

Meanwhile, the Army states that this was not a terror attack, adding that special police investigations are underway.


(09.30am) Diyathalawa bus fire, not a terror attack (Pics)

Nineteen persons have been injured after a bus caught fire near Diyathalawa early today (21).

The bus was plying from Jaffna to Bandarawela.

The injured includes seven civilians as well as seven army personnel and five SLAF personnel.

Speaking to media, Army spokesman said that the incident was not a terror attack.

However police suspect that the bus caught fire due to a detonated explosive which had been in the possession of a serviceman travelling in the bus, sources say.