Feb 20, 2018

Tamil dubbed Japanese TV programmes on Reconciliation Channel

Japanese TV programs dubbed into Tamil commence telecasting on 20th February, 2018 on the Reconciliation Channel (Nethra TV), which will be inaugurated on the same date. These TV programs from Japan include documentaries on Japanese industry, technology, economy, nature, science and environment as well as educational programs for children.

The programs are being dubbed into Sinhala and Tamil, so that they could be easily understood by all communities in Sri Lanka. (The Sinhala version of those TV programs will start telecasting later on a different Rupavahini channel, which is yet to be announced.)

The Government of Japan granted 449 TV programs, worth of 52.6 million Japanese Yen (approximately Rs.73.6 million), to Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation in order to enhance awareness of Japanese culture, value and lifestyle among Sri Lankan viewers nation- wide.

In this connection, the Government of Japan also granted Rs. 42.7 million to cover part of the cost for dubbing Japanese programs into Sinhalese and Tamil, producing of trailers and crawlers as well as allocating airtime for them.

The Embassy of Japan in Sri Lanka hopes that these programs would promote understanding of Japan among Sri Lankan people and thereby contribute to deepening ties between Japan and Sri Lanka further.