Feb 19, 2018

Vikramabahu proposes three-person leadership for UNP (video) Featured

A three-person leadership for the UNP has been proposed by leftist leader Dr. Vikramabahu Karunaratne.

Speaking to the media in Colombo today (19), he said that despite being a liberal leader, Ranil Wickremesinghe was incapable of striking a political deal together with his ideology with other leaders as well as grassroots level activists with whom he had to work together.

The Nawa Sama Samaja Party leader also said he had doubts if the political deal between Wickremesinghe and president Maithripala Sirisena would last any longer.

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‘UNP has a leadership issue’

Noting that Wickremesinghe has also failed in taking his ideology forward cohesively, Karunaratne said he has also shown a lack of ability in rallying the people in offensive situations in a radical manner.

Considering all these, the NSSP leader said that the UNP had several leaders who were having the ability to fill those gaps, and that they should make their contributions together with the PM.

Sajith Premadasa can take an idea to the people correctly, while Rajitha Senaratne has the ability to rally the people in an attacking manner.

If the two can support, Wickremesinghe could take the UNP forward by rallying the grassroots level supporters together and garnering the backing of the Tamil and Muslim voters as well to ensure a parliamentary majority, said Karunaratne.