Feb 19, 2018

‘Govt. has no journey forward if graduates are ignored’ Featured

The present government will have no journey forward by forgetting the promises given to the unemployed graduates, says convener of their association Ven. Tenne Gnanananda Thera.

According to him, even at the recent mini-polls, jobless graduates brought their plight to the attention of the public.

He calls for the mediation of the government in their problem.

He says there are 60,000 vacancies in the state sector.

The Thera challenges politicians who criticize graduates for expecting state sector jobs and says they will be answered in an open dialogue.

According to him, they are not happy with the job security in the private sector and points out that its employees are undergoing various difficulties.

He expects the president to respond favourably to a request for a meeting to discuss a proper method for the recruitment of graduates to the state service.

He adds that the 53,000 unemployed graduates will respond appropriately if authorities continue to disregard their voices.