Feb 17, 2018

Mahinda is in no hurry – Kusal Perera

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa is in no hurry to form a government and wouldn't scavenge for MPs to do so, says political analyst and senior journalist Kusal Perera.

Perera, who was once a close confidante of Rajapaksa, made this comment in response to a query made by us regarding the reports of forming new governments following last week's LG elections.

He said Mahinda will not hinder the SLFP nor the UNP to form a government alone or together but said he would use their unsuccessfulness to his advantage.

Early General Elections

However, he said Mahinda Rajapaksa would make every effort to call for an early General election prior to the next Presidential election and will plan his moves meticulously.

Rajapaksa’s next motive will be to secure a 2/3rd majority at a general election, said Perera.

Indian Model

Perera also predicted that if Mahinda manages to pull off his plan and obtain a 2/3rd majority, his next step would be to bring in the 21st Amendment to the Constitution.

Through this amendment, Rajapaksa would legalise the appointment of a President according to the Indian model and invite Sirisena to take up the post. In the event he refuses, he would even offer the post to one of his brothers, Kusal Perera said.

Perera further noted that if Rajapaksa succeeds in bringing in the 21st amendment, he could remain as the Prime Minister forever.

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