Feb 17, 2018

Establishing power in many councils problematic! Featured

Based on the LG election results, a crisis has arisen with regard to the establishment of power in these councils.

As in many councils a single party is unable to establish majority power, which has led to a major crisis.

According to the results of the 340 LG bodies, the Podu Jana Peramuna or flower bud party can establish independent power in 130 institutions.

However, the UNP can only establish power in nine institutes while the SLFP can establish power in only two councils.

Based on the results, if the Podu Jana Peramuna and the UPFA form an alliance they could gain power in another 106 LG institutions.

However, if the UNP and SLFP unites, they can only establish power in 53 councils.

North Eastern situation

Taking into consideration the results of 8 north Eastern districts, of the 78 LG bodies, the TNA can only establish power independently in 2 LG bodies.

However, the Podu Jana Peramuna can establish power in 6 LG bodies.

The UPFA can only establish power in 1 LG body.

The National Congress Party which contested under the horse logo can establish power independently in 2 LG bodies. But for the other 67 LG bodies more than two parties would have to combine in order to establish power.

Meanwhile, according to the Provincial Councils and Local Government Minister Faiszer Mustapha, the Local Government Act will not be amended under any circumstance.