Feb 17, 2018

Charge for LG polls results link to be refunded? Featured

The Election Commission has decided to refund the payment made by media institutions to obtain the Election Results Link to telecast the LG polls results live on the day of the LG elections.

Accordingly, the Election Commission had notified these media institutions through fax message on February 15 that the Rs. 75,000 that was charged for the Election Results Link would be returned to them.

However, it is reported that the media heads of TV channels had taken great pains to stop this news from being published through the media, according to the Election Commission sources.

The reason being that certain advertisers who had paid a large sum of money for advertising on the day of the election and due to the glitch that prevented the election results telecast, these advertisers did not receive the publicity they anticipated and paid for and had demanded that the money they paid be returned to them by the media institutions.

Hence, the TV channels had wanted the news being published in the newspapers in this regard, be stopped.

When we inquired from an advertising manager he said as the anticipated advantage was not received through the advertisements on that day, it would only be ethical for these media institutions to refund a certain percentage of the advertisement money paid.

Web, social media ahead

Meanwhile, the web media and social media were clearly ahead in delivering the election results as they had completed all the results by noon the following day, whereas the television channels were still struggling to release the results even by the next night.