Feb 14, 2018

Govt. crisis over ; ambassadors intervene Featured

The Ambassadors of several powerful countries has intervened and resolved the issues between the President and Prime Minister, according to political inside sources.

The Ambassadors had pointed out that currently Sri Lanka is regarded as most democratic country in Asia and it was an unwise move for both parties to create a rift based on the LG elections which was a move based on the pledge given to the people.

 However, they had noted that it was also unwise to totally disregard the views of the people and urged the two leaders to eradicate corruption and waste in developing the country.

 Issue of zonal security!

 They had also noted that the breakdown of the good governance government could raise security issues in the region, advising the government to be cautious and not fall into the sinister conspiracy of a powerful country that entrapped the Rajapaksa regime in a debt burden.

 Significant change in the Cabinet

 Based on the advice of the Ambassadors, the two leaders had agreed to continue with the good governance regime but many significant changes are to be made in the Cabinet.

 It is also reported that ministers and MPs who criticize the government from within, National List ministers and unproductive ministers would be removed from their positions.