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Mrs. W.M. Shiromala Mrs. W.M. Shiromala
Feb 13, 2018

Vedda community member elected! (Pics)

A female candidate hailing from the indigenous Vedda community has emerged victorious at the recently concluded LG polls.

Mrs. W.M. Shiromala, who entered the fray from the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna ticket, has won the combined seat of Henanigala North-South division.

She has secured 1,369 votes.


Speaking after her victory. Mrs. Shiromala said her community faced many prolonged issues.

'Although every issue cannot be resolved I will try to resolve at least a few. Our community elected me because of the trust they had in me. Therefore I don't want to lose their trust. My sole expectation is to contest for the General Election in the future,' she says.


Uruwarige Gunabandavisiting Mrs. Shiromala at her home.

Meanwhile, chief of the Vedda community in Henanigala, Uruwarige Gunabanda says he is happy and proud about a community member being elected.


Chief of the Vedda community in Henanigala, Uruwarige Wannilaaththo

 Adding his voice, the 19th chieftain of Sri Lanka's indigenous Vedda community - Uruwarige Wannilaaththo says that the entire community is happy that one of their own is there to listen to their grievances. However, he advised Mrs. Shiromala not to conduct herself in a manner that is against the environment and the clan's culture.

(Pics : W.A. Piyatillake)


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