'' We will take measures to reappoint the President after 2020.” '' We will take measures to reappoint the President after 2020.”
Feb 12, 2018

Government further strengthened after election - Rajitha

The public mandate received at the Presidential election on January 08, 2015 has been further strengthened by this LG election, said Health Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine and Cabinet Co-Spokesman Minister Rajitha Senaratne.

He said as such, there is no need for the Prime Minister or any changes to be made to the government or for them to resign.

Mahinda’s election percentage reduced:

According to election results that were published, the Podu Jana Peramuna had only received 45% of the votes, said Senaratne, adding that it was a lesser percentage than the mandate received by the President on January 08, 2015.
Hence, he noted that it was evident that the majority of the voters are against the flower bud.

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''Both leaders agreed to rectify their shortcomings and move forward.''

The Health Minister further added, “I discussed the election results with both the President and Prime Minister and the both of them agreed to rectify the shortcomings of the government and move forward.

Mahinda’s dream did not materialise:

Although the former President dreamed of winning the LG election and becoming the Prime Minister or going for a General election, his dreams will not realize.
The UNP nor the SLFP have decided to hand over the Premiership to Rajapaksa yet. The people voted the government in with the aim of seeing corruption being wiped off and both leaders of the government are committed to doing just that and will forge ahead towards this goal.

I saw that the JO opposition Dallas Alahapperuma had told media yesterday (11) after the defeat in Beruwela I was nowhere to be found. But I want to tell Alahapperuma, unlike him I never fled to America, I am still at my home. I will continue in this effort to realize our goals and we will take measures to reappoint the President again in 2020,” he said.