Feb 11, 2018

End to consensus govt. : UNP to form single govt. Featured

A group of powerful UNP members had met Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe this afternoon (11) and urged him to end the alliance with the SLFP and form a single UNP government.

They had told the Prime Minister that they could no longer continue with the consensus government and urged him to form a UNP government with their party’s economic and political vision.

Cabinet reduced !

It had also been proposed at this meeting to reduce the number of ministers to 30 as per the 19th amendment 46(1), and form a single government.

Accordingly, it was discussed to remove all ministers who had lost their seats at the last LG elections and those who were unproductive in the unity government.

Discussions underway for seven ministers crossover

It is also reported that the UNP is planning on adding another 07 ministers from the SLFP in addition to the 107 ministerial posts of the UNP including the Speaker.