Nov 29, 2016

JF Tours & Travels yet to pay for Viceroy Special Featured

Sri Lanka Railways has incurred millions of rupees in losses due to the failure of JF Tours & Travels to pay for the ‘Viceroy Special’ tourism train service as agreed, railway trade unions alliance alleges.

In a statement, the TU alliance says the agreement between the two sides was renewed in March 2016 to facilitate the steam train service notwithstanding the outstanding dues.

It seeks information as per the TUs’ right to know details of any fraud and provisions in the right to information act no. 12 of 2016.

Those include a copy of the agreement between SLR and JF Tours & Travels signed in 2012, the outstanding dues for the train service, any action taken to recover the dues and payments due for renovations to the Viceroy train.

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JF Tours & Travels is a tour organizer registered in Sri Lanka since 1978.

The full statement is as follows:

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