Feb 09, 2018

SLPA rejects scam claim! Featured

The Sri Lanka Ports Authority has sent Sri Lanka Mirror an explanation in response to an article posted on February 04 under the headline ‘Latest scam at Colombo Port’.

Giving due respect to the right to reply, we publish the SLPA letter below:



Editor’s note:

However, reports reaching SLM say even some members of the technical committee are against spending such a massive sum on the project.

Buying a new system will cost only around Rs. 250 million.

Although the SLPA says it will spend its own money on the system, it is the public money that goes waste in that manner.

TUs question the approval given for the project which the SLPA claims to have obtained as per clauses 3.5 and 3.5.1 (iii) in paragraph 3 of the state procurement (items and work) regulations.

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