Feb 08, 2018

Hingurakgoda candidates violate election laws (Pics) Featured

The Elections Commission announced that all election related activities should have concluded by midnight yesterday (07). However, the party offices of the two main parties, the UNP and SLFP in the Hingurakgoda Pradeshiya Sabha area in Polonnaruwa, the candidates’ cutouts, names and flags were still displayed.

Therefore, we contacted the Polonnaruwa Returning Officer Ranjith Ariyaratne to inquire about this blatant violation of election laws and he responded, “Our officers are currently in the process of removing all banners, cutouts and other election related displays. Within the day we will remove all such displays except for one main election office name board belonging to a particular party.”

However, the Hingurakgoda residents charge that despite extensive notification through the media on election laws, certain parties are abusing their power and blatantly violating election laws.

But some candidates said they had removed all their banners and displays prior to the deadline.