Feb 08, 2018

Ginigathena police comedy! Featured

A farmer from Ginigathena who was engaged in manufacturing liquid fertilizer was arrested by the Ginigathena Police on charges of manufacturing illicit liquor, Sri Lankan Mirror learns.

The arrested farmer is 60-year-old G.D. Dayasiri Ambagamuwa.

When we contacted the Ginigathena Police OIC regarding this arrest, he confirmed that a person had been arrested together with two barrels. He said he was unable to provide further information as he was attending a conference.

However, it is said that the farmer was engaged in manufacturing liquid fertilizer on the advice of the Strategic Enterprise Management Institute, attached to the President’s office.

This farmer had been engaged in chemical farming previously and had switched to using carbonic fertilizer from this year.

Carbonic liquid fertilizer is manufactured using fish parts, fruits and plant matter.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the SEMA Institute said this incident brings to mind an incident in 1971 where the police had arrested those who had Martin Wickramasinghe’s novel ‘Gamperaliya’ with them, suspecting them of having links with the JVP.

It is also reported that the farmer had in his house a handbook on manufacturing liquid fertilizer, issued to farmers by the Strategic Enterprise Management Institute.

A copy of it is below.