Feb 07, 2018

SLPP’s new slogan is against suspension of brig. over offensive gesture Featured

The SLPP has decided to use its election campaign to protest a government decision to suspend the services of the minister counselor (defence) attached to the Sri Lankan high commission in London, reports say.

The party will also use social media to demonstrate its opposition to the decision.

The Foreign Ministry ordered the high commissioner in London to suspend the official, who will also be investigated by the Army over an alleged offensive gesture he has made.

Meanwhile, UK labour MPs Joan Ryan MP and Siobhain McDonagh MP have called on their Foreign Secretary to “withdraw Brigadier Priyanka Fernando's diplomatic papers and expel him” from the UK over the incident.

In a letter, they said he had made 'throat-cutting gestures' to Tamils protesting outside the Sri Lankan High Commission in London on February 04.

Cannot be punished merely because of a video – Army chief

Meanwhile, Army commander Lt. Gen. Mahesh Senanayake said only an investigation would decide, and they could not remove officials merely because of a social media video.

He said the Foreign Ministry and the high commission would make investigations.

The Army chief described the then Colonel as an official who rendered an immense service as the commanding officer of the 11th Gemunu Watch to rescue villagers in Mullaitivu and elsewhere during the Wanni humanitarian operation.

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