Feb 05, 2018

Johnny’s Lily road hotel!

Much hype has been created within political circles about a luxury hotel being constructed on Lily Avenue allegedly belonging to former Co-operatives and Internal Trade Minister Johnston Fernando.

The manner in which Johnston earned the funds to construct such a luxury home has raised suspicion that he may have earned this money illegally or through fraudulent means during the previous regime. Hence, a group of SLFP members have made an appeal to the President to initiate an investigation with regard to this matter.

Meanwhile, according to sources at the President’s office, a certain minister who had come to parliament on the national list is believed to be assisting in sweeping under the carper, cases pending against Johnston.

It has also been revealed that the FCID has also been assisting in sweeping these cases under the carpet.

It is reported that the construction of the said hotel has been completed and it is expected to be opened in the near future.

Photographs of the hotel in question is shown below.

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