Feb 05, 2018

Farmers to boycott polls over lack of water Featured

Farmers in Galewela are planning to boycott the upcoming mini-polls in protest against their newly-cultivated paddy fields at Walawwela, Dambawatawana not getting any supply of water.

They want their paddy fields of 100 acres spanning across five Grama Seva divisions irrigated by the Wemedilla reservoir immediately as the paddy plants are drying up.

They told Sri Lanka Mirror that they started the cultivations after a lapse of four seasons of drought and found the money by pawning their family jewellery.

DSC00659 1

Paddy fields cracked up without water

According to them, they are not getting a supply due to the ongoing renovation of the canal that links the paddy fields with the reservoir.

A visit to the reservoir proved that there was enough water to irrigate these paddy fields.


Reservoir filled with water

The reservoir belongs to the Irrigation Department.

The farmers allege the renovation work of the canal began to target the local government polls.

Now, they are going to boycott it.

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Canal renovation underway

(Pictures: Kanchana Kumara Ariyadasa - Dambulla)