Feb 05, 2018

A massive change is a certainty in govt. after mini-polls? Featured

A ‘massive change’ in the government is a certainty after the February 10 local government polls, according to a website run by an officer of the President’s Office.

It says the president has already decided the changes and the related political background has already been laid, adding that it will likely be a turning point in the country’s politics.

Earlier, president Maithripala Sirisena told a public rally in Bandaragama that he would not hesitate to effect changes in the government, for which the required conditions were arranged.

He said that after the mini-polls, he would directly get involved in economic management of the country, solve the cost-of-living issue and grant relief to the public and take decisions to develop local industries and agriculture.

President Sirisena stressed that the country should go forward, not backward, and that economic issues arising from the huge debt burden needed to be resolved.