Feb 03, 2018

New Act making evidence before PCOIs valid in court! Featured

The government has decided to present a draft amendment bill at the Cabinet meeting to be held after the election, which would enable evidence presented before thePresidential Commissions of Inquiry (PCoI) on the Bond and Serious Crimes and Corruption, to be accepted in a court of law.

The amendment to be made to the Bribery and Corruption Act is already prepared, said a senior minister, adding that it would be presented to parliament and passed subsequent to obtaining Cabinet approval.

According to the current Act, evidence presented before the Presidential Commission is not valid before Court and should be re-presented before Court.

However, since this process is long drawn and delays punishment for those found guilty, if this act is passed and the evidence presented before the presidential Commission is accepted in a court of law too, this could expedite the legal measures and cases could be concluded fast and those found guilty could be punished without delay, the senior minister said.

Once parliament has approved the amendment to this act, charges could be filed in High Court directly against the accused named in both Presidential Commission reports and a special Courts in this regard will be functional from March, he said.