The president cleared us of the bond charges – Ravi The president cleared us of the bond charges – Ravi
Jan 25, 2018

Ravi thanks president for establishing UNP is ‘clean’ Featured

UNP deputy leader Ravi Karunanayake says he thanks president Maithripala Sirisena for having appointed a commission and cleared the UNP, the prime minister and him of the charges that an irregularity had taken place in the Central Bank bond auctions.

He says so in a statement to the media issued after speaker Karu Jayasuriya refused to allow him from making a statement over the matter to parliament yesterday (24).

Karunanayake says the UNP and himself are prejudiced against by a conspiracy during an election period by getting the president to say something not mentioned in the bond commission report.

The activists behind the 08 January 2015 force will give the proper response and ensure that the UNP emerges victorious at the February 10 election, he says.

President to brief party leaders

Meanwhile, secretary to the president Austin Fernando has informed speaker Karu Jayasuriya that president Sirisena has decided to brief party leaders about the commission report.

That was after the speaker inquired from the secretary to the president about a claim by party leaders that the parliament-given report had pages missing.

The two have also discussed providing the remaining parts of the report before the parliamentary debate on the report.