Jan 24, 2018

Gendering Liquor

It was unfortunate for me, a 16 year old girl to hear about the new law passed by the president of Sri Lanka which deemed that women are not allowed to purchase nor sell liquor as it was unfit for them to do so.

By this I do not mean that all my opportunities to try different alcohol have been taken away, rather it shows that we all still live in a country where men still believe that they have the right to conquer women, where men think that it is okay to choose what a woman does or does not do.

This is the 21st century, not the 15th. Women must have rights as equal to men. If the president sees fit for women to not receive liquor then he must pass a law to ensure the same for men. After all, a president shouldn't be one who sees things in a sexist way. The president needs to see things from the standpoint of equality. He must make sure that all genders receive the same.

It is hard to think that as a country in the 21st century that such a law was even discussed. That there are still people who believe themselves to be superior because of their gender identification.

The reasoning for the matter was stated as "women need to wake up early to cook breakfast but how will they do it if they aren't sober enough?" It has been proven that women have more self control than men as they are taught many responsibilities as children. Other than that fact, one should learn how to cook for themselves no matter what gender because one's sexism nor feminism will help you when you are starving.

Liquor is injurious to health and because of that I believe that this law should apply for all genders, but that aside I don't believe that it should be applied to only one gender because of your sexism.

This country has many types of issues. The ones regarding sexism are so subtle that even women support them. This shows how the small issues that go unnoticed can cause bigger problems. Girls from a young age are taught that everything they do in life is all to find a suitable man to marry and please. Girls are taught that men should be glorified and should be respected even when they (women) are being disrespected by men. From a young age girls are locked up like prizes to be won, restricted from doing simple things until one day they marry. But by then they don't know how to be self dependant, don't know that their life has much more than a man so they live their lives a slave to home.

Sexism comes in many forms. Telling girls to not go outside after 6 pm, teaching men that it's acceptable for them to not respect women. Showing men that women are nothing but objects, girls being taught to only listen. And right now it is shown by telling women that they can't drink but men can.

It is unfortunate to call our country a developing country when we only want to develop our economy but not our morals.

- Nethmi Kumarapperuma