Jan 23, 2018

Sarath Fonseka in trouble? Featured

A group of local government election candidates is planning to complain to the election chief against Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka’s electioneering under armed protection.

They will say that the SLFP and other parties are under undue pressure due to Fonseka’s armed electioneering.

Also, top military officials have told president Maithripala Sirisena that minister Fonseka’s involvement in politics while being in active service in the Army was against the constitution.

They have noted that most ex-military officers got involved in politics only after their retirement.

When contacted, Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekara said a person in the field marshal rank was entitled to a salary and considered as being in active military service until death.

Fonseka’s functioning as a cabinet minister while enjoying all privileges of the Army is a blatant violation of the constitution, said Weerasekara.

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