Jan 20, 2018

“Section unfavourable to the UNP removed from bond report” - JO Featured

The Joint Opposition claims that the copy of the Bond Commission report handed over to parliament through the Speaker is not the complete report and intends to request for a copy of the unedited report handed over by the Bond Commission to the President.

The responsibility of formulating this letter within this week has been entrusted to MP Bandula Gunawardena by the JO leader Dinesh Gunawardena.

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''Many salient points have been omitted in the report presented to parliament” – Bandula Gunawardena

Meanwhile, Bandula Gunawardena pointed out that due to the fact that over 1000 pages of the original report are missing in the copy presented to parliament, which suggests that their intention to hide many important points in the report. He said while they have no objection to sensitive information regarding the banking system, monetary mechanism and the treasury bond process being kept confidential, in this report if would be just a few pages. However, these information is vital in the debate to be held in parliament.

Gunawardena further said that there is suspicion whether Ravi Karunanayake had suggested certain sections be removed from the copy presented to parliament that would be incriminating to him and the UNP as he earlier said he had obtained a copy of the original report.

He further stated, “If a copy of the original report is not given to us, we would be debating the bond issue without knowing certain salient points in the report. Therefore, we would make a request to the President this week to grant us a copy of the original bond commission report in order to conduct a clear debate and reveal the large scale corruption done by the UNP.”

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