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Jan 20, 2018

Unexpected political turn after elections! Featured

The President intends to embark on a whole new political journey, said a prominent SLFP member.

He also noted that they expect the support of the UNP and the Joint Opposition in this endeavour.

Based on this situation, after the elections on February 10, there could be an unexpected political change and the party that takes the lead is bound to gain an advantage over the others, he said.

Further, the President has the ability to appoint the person who gains the majority vote in parliament as the Prime Minister, these political sources added.

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''If they try to remove the Prime Minister we will bring in a No Confidence'' – Chaminda Wijesiri

Expressing his views to the ‘Sunday Mawbima’, Badulla District UNP – MP Chaminda Wijesiri said in the event attempts are made to remove Ranil Wickremesinghe from his post as Prime Minister, the UNP would not hesitate to initiate a No Confidence motion against President Maithripala Sirisena.

“There is mention that after the LG elections the Prime Minister will be changed and a new government will be established, but I hope these statements are limited to election rhetoric,” he said.

Wijesiri further noted that if any attempt is made to remove Ranil Wickremesinghe as the Prime Minister, the UNP would not hesitate to bring in a No Confidence motion against the President a and they also hope to get the backing of the Joint Opposition for it.

He also said the UNP would strive to protect the good governance government, but if the UNP wins the LG elections they intend to establish a UNP government and they expect the President to support this move.

 Seventy five signatures are required for a No Confidence:

However, according to political sources, in order to bring in a No Confidence motion against a President, you need at least 75 signatures.
These sources also said that in the event the Speaker accepts a No Confidence motion brought against the President, the Executive Powers of the President would be limited until it is taken up for debate.

If required, prior to presenting the No Confidence motion in parliament the President has the power to postpone parliament sittings, these sources further pointed out.

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