Jan 19, 2018

MiG deal suspect Udayanga’s assets 94 million

The suspect in the Ukrainian MiG transaction deal, former Russian Ambassador Udayanga Weeratunge’s assets amount to around Rs. 94 million, the FCID informed Court yesterday (18).

This was based on investigations carried out on 08 bank accounts.

The investigations had revealed that the suspect had 07 acres of land in the Dompe area, One acre in Colombo and an apartment in an apartment complex. While notifying court of the assets, the FCID had made a request to issue an order preventing the suspect from selling or transferring these properties.

It was further revealed by the FCID that the suspect had borrowed on loan Rs. 20 million from a friend and this money is being deposited in the name of an aunt.

The FCID also made a request from court to grant them an order to examine this account and having considered their request, the Magistrate had issued an order to the bank manager.