STF block the road while Fonseka distributed leaflets STF block the road while Fonseka distributed leaflets
Jan 18, 2018

Fonseka electioneering under STF protection Featured

Minister, Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka has posted pictures of his electioneering for the local government polls accompanied by his VIP security.

The pictures on his facebook page show him campaigning at Dalugamgoda in Kelaniya yesterday (17) under the protection of armed STF commandos, who disrupted public life.

Political analysts say this amounts to a restriction of the political freedom of the public.

They accuse the election commission and its chairman of ignoring the matter of public harassment by VIP security during electioneering.

‘Don’t harass people by doing politics if there are threats to life’

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Political analyst and journalist Kusal Perera noted the election chief refrained from referring to the president, prime minister, ex-president Mahinda Rajapaksa being surrounded by bodyguards during campaigning for the elections.

The commission is tight-lipped over the political leaders’ belittling of the election laws, he charged.

If someone believes that there is a threat to own life, that person should not engage in active politics, he said.

The basic of democratic politics is the freedom in dealing with the people, and if a politician cannot ensure that, that person need not be in politics, he commented.

Instead of ensuring a free and fair election, what the election commission does is laying down conditions for the junior level officers, media and the voters for the cheap promotion of its own and that of its chairman, Perera also alleged.

It is unaware of the violations of election laws by the president, prime minister and other powerful politicians, he noted.

A case in point

A case in point is how Fonseka is electioneering.

According to Perera, appointing Fonseka to parliament itself should have been prevented by the election commission.

That is why, he said, he was accusing the election commission and its chairman of being overpowered by political power.

Pictures – facebook page of Sarath Fonseka

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