Jan 17, 2018

Aussie says Gammanpila submitted fake documents Featured

Denying that he had ever given an attorney license to Udaya Gammanpila on account of the share of his businesses, Australian Brian Shaddick told courts yesterday (16) that the accused have submitted fake documents to prove otherwise.

He was being cross-examined before Colombo high court judge A.A.R. Heiyyantuduwa.

Shaddick complained to the judge that lawyers for the accused were disrupting his evidence and subjecting him to ridicule.

Heiyyantuduwa told the complainant that he should be able to face the cross-examination.

The accused, Gammanpila and Sydney Jayasinghe, appeared for the hearing.

They are indicted over four counts with regard to a sum of Rs. 21 million between 26 September 1996 and 23 September 1997.

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